Cloudsign API Overview

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UI login URL:

Work eSignatures into your application in just a few simple steps. Cloudsign eSignature API makes requesting signatures, automating forms, and tracking documents directly from the website secure and fast. The Cloudsign API offers a reliable and flexible set of eSignature tools that can be used to power digital agreements and turn slow and outdated business processes into having a competitive advantage. This documentation contains information and resources to help you build and connect with the Cloudsign API.

The Cloudsign API has the following functions:

  • Create access token

  • View user details

  • Send contract through API

You can fully test almost all the features in the Cloudsign API, including the endpoint (even if you sign up for a free account). By creating an account it should give you access to your API requests.

To maximize the stability for every account, Cloudsign API will enforce rate limits on the number of API calls over a specific period of time. Exceeding the rate limits in this section may result in an error.

By default, from a free account, you can add 3 templates and send 100 contracts. Exceptions can be made for clients with higher contract volumes. Please contact us for more information.

Rate limit information returned from API responses:

For Contracts (after exceeding 100 contracts):

{"msg": "Maximum contract already sended!", "data":{}}

For adding Templates (after exceeding 3 template):

{"msg": "Maximum template already added!","data":{}}

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