User Details

Get the profile information about the user


This will retrieve the user's profile information, privacy settings. and personal information ( ex. address, phone number, etc.) for the specified user. The Authorization parameter specified in the endpoint must match the authenticated user's api-access-token.


  "data": {
    "user_json": {
      "id": 0,
      "company_id": 0,
      "user_group_id": 0,
      "fname": "string",
      "lname": "string",
      "email": "string",
      "address": "string",
      "city": "string",
      "state": "string",
      "zip": "string",
      "lat": "string",
      "lon": "string",
      "pic": "string",
      "initial_signature": "string",
      "full_signature": "string",
      "country": "string",
      "email_verified": "string",
      "is_active": "string",
      "is_deleted": "string",
      "added_by": "string",
      "deleted_by": "string",
      "status": "string",
      "created_at": "string",
      "updated_at": "string",
      "file_url": "string",
      "company": {
        "id": "string",
        "company_name": "string",
        "title": "string",
        "employee_capacity_start": "string",
        "employee_capacity_end": "string",
        "is_active": "string",
        "added_by": "string",
        "is_deleted": "string",
        "deleted_by": "string",
        "is_email_send": "string",
        "is_sms_send": "string",
        "is_audit_trail": "string",
        "created_at": "string",
        "updated_at": "string",
        "company_bucket": "string"
  "msg": "string"
curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'Authorization: ' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --header 'x-api-key: '

Enter the Authorization token which you received from Authentication API endpoint: ("access_token") Add a string "Bearer" before writing the token. Enter the x-api-key which you entered as "client_id" when you use the api-access-token API endpoint.

After sending the parameters in JSON click "Send API Request", to get the response.

If the response was successful, you will get a status code of 200. Otherwise you will get 4XX or similar error code as the status code. If you get 4XX as the status code, please recheck your credentials again.

You can also get the user details by using the CURL or other similar options available in the dropdown. Copy the Request Sample CURL and change the parameter inside the string and pass the URL. You will get the response as shown in the Response Example.

Once you get 200 as status code, you will receive all the details in JSON inside "data" as the response. Whenever you are working in other sections of the Cloudsign API, you will need the access_token as the authentication token.


When working with Cloudsign API Keys, the following limitations may apply:

  • API keys cannot be transferred between Cloudsign accounts.

  • The maximum number of API keys per account is limited.

  • An API key is set to be expired within the given time frame. See expires_in response.

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